Aethereus have put out a goddamn masterpiece”

Toilet ov Hell

Aethereus began in early 2015 as a collaboration project between three friends and former bandmates, Kyle Chapman (guitar), Ben Gassman (guitar), and Shaun Hansen (bass). Emerging from the ashes of the trio’s previous project, “Seker,” Aethereus provided an opportunity for the three to begin anew and pursue a more focused and refined sound and conceptual ideas that had been present in their previous projects.  

Over the course of 2015, the three worked diligently to write and record the group’s debut EP “Ego Futurus” with the help of studio members Luis Martinez (ex-Zenith Passage/Oblivion) on drums and John Stratton (Eterna Nocturna/Embalmed) on vocals. The EP was released in November of 2015 and met with positive reception.  

In Spring of 2016, drummer Matt Behner (ex-Fully Consumed/ex-Year of Desolation) joined the ranks following the premature passing of bass player, Shaun Hansen. The addition of Matt reignited a drive in Kyle and Ben to continue Aethereus to honor the life and memory of their fallen brother. With the additions of vocalist Vance Bratcher (The Devils of Loudon/Six Days of Darkness) and bassist Scott Hermanns (The Devils of Loudon/ex-Blood and Thunder) in the summer of 2016, the lineup became complete.