Adversary Omnipotent truly is undeniable. This new record is heavy, atmospheric, technical, melodic and captivating. Once you begin listening you won’t be able to stop. ”

Cadaver Garden


Enfold Darkness relentlessly forced their way into the extreme music scene with their 2009 debut album, Our Cursed Rapture. Combining elements of black metal, death metal, and hints of progressive, melodic riffs with blistering, powerhouse drumming. The band took to the road with well-known names within the underground metal community and established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, before disappearing into the abyss to begin work on their follow up release. After years of meticulously fleshing out a concept, songs, and lyrics, the gates were forced open again with their follow up album, Adversary Omnipotent. A record which carries the torch of their previous sound, with a much broader, darker, and mature sound.

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