Myth of I

Since the conception of MYTH OF I in the fall of 2013 in the dorms of Berklee College of Music, Tyler Fritzel and Jennings Smith have worked tirelessly at creating a new sonic thumbprint in this modern metal world. After releasing their debut EP S.T.E.M. in 2015, and playing alongside bands such as CHRONOLOGIST, NATIVE CONSTRUCT, ABIOTIC, and ARCHSPIRE, the group of troubadours began a journey of working on their first full length record. With drums and guitars tracked in Maine with the illustrious Evan Sammons and mixed/mastered by the renowned Jamie King, they have created a piece of music that will forever redefine what it 
means to be a progressive metal band. The album paints lush landscapes and takes the listener on a wild ride through virtuosic guitar solos, mellow ambience, and enough time signature changes for the whole family. Their self-titled full-length debut Myth of I hits the shelves on April 10, 2020.

Guitar: Jennings Smith 
Guitar: Tyler Fritzel 
Bass: Aodán Collins 
Drums: Matt Lippa